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Why You Should Encrypt Your Email

Most email is sent as plain text. This means that anyone who can intercept email messages, either in transit or at rest, can read the content. Today, companies and governments realize that this is unacceptable. Email needs to be confidential, email needs to be encrypted.

DJIGZO offers open source products that help to automatically secure email and protect against unauthorized access of email in transit and at rest.

DJIGZO Email Encryption Gateway is a standards based centrally managed email server (MTA) that encrypts and decrypts your incoming and outgoing email at the gateway level. DJIGZO Email Encryption Gateway is compatible with any existing email infrastructure like Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes and has support for S/MIME and PDF encryption.

Data Leak Prevention (DLP) is a module that can be used to prevent certain information to leave the organization via email. DLP can configured to filter on credit card numbers, bank account numbers, excessive amounts of email addresses or other personal information in one email message, and more. DLP is implemented as a filter on outgoing email.

BlackBerry logo DJIGZO for BlackBerry® is an add-on to the DJIGZO Email Encryption Gateway which can be used to send and receive S/MIME digitally signed and encrypted email from a BlackBerry® smartphone.

Android logo DJIGZO for Android DJIGZO for Android is an Android application which can be used to send and receive S/MIME digitally signed and encrypted email.

DJIGZO can be installed on most Linux and Unix based systems. Installation packages are available for Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat and CentOS. A ready to run virtual appliance for VMware and Hyper-V is available.

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DJIGZO is not vulnarable to CVE-2014-0160 (aka Heartbleed bug)

(2014-04-09) DJIGZO does not use OpenSSL and is therefore not vulnerable to CVE-2014-0160. The virtual appliance by default does not configure TLS for Postfix.

DJIGZO for Android 1.4.5 released

(2013-09-22) New release of DJIGZO for Android. Release notes

DJIGZO for Android 1.4.4 released

(2013-08-15) New release of DJIGZO for Android with a security fix. Release notes

DJIGZO Gateway 2.5.0 release

(2013-05-07) A new version of the DJIGZO Encryption Gateway is available for download (version 2.5.0-4). Release notes

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